Tracking Trump: Impacting Your Life

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The Trump administration is actively moving forward with installing their far right-wing agenda. Unfortunately, despite Trump’s promises to support and protect the working-class in this country, he and his administration have embraced policies which adversely effect middleclass families.

Many of us have contended for months that Donald Trump never intended to protect working-class values and that he was part of the so called “establishment” and “rigged system” that he railed against during his campaign. Sadly enough, many working-class Americans fell for the Trump deception and unwittingly supported policies which conflicted with their own interests.

Below you will find a running list of Trump’s policies and actions which negatively effect America’s working-class:

1)     Attacking Dodd-Frank law – This law was established after the economic meltdown of 2008 in order to protect the American public from another economic collapse. By attacking this bill, the Trump administration puts us all in danger by exposing the country to risk. Read More

2)     Coal Company Polluting – The Trump admin just made it easier for coal companies to pollute our rivers and streams by allowing mining companies to discharge their “waste water”. Read More

3)     Ending Fiduciary Rule – This rule protected people from financial advisors who would attempt to put their own interest before their clients (you). It also prevented conflicts of interests from taking place on the side of the advisor and requires the financial advisor to work in the interest of you, the client. Read More

4)     FCC End Subsidy For Poor – Cable companies and other internet providers who once provided subsidies for the poor have been ordered to stop doing so by the FCC after Trump installs conservative Chair of FCC. Read More

5)     Ending The Restriction of Gun Sales To Severely Mentally Ill – The rule required the Social Security Administration to send records of some beneficiaries with severe mental disabilities to the FBI’s background check system preventing these people from obtaining guns. The GOP Congress voted to block this rule and their actions were supported by Trump. Read More

6)     Paying for Trump’s Wall (You Pay) – Trump’s $20 Billion wall will be funded by America, however, the Trump admin claims the country will be reimbursed once his plan to tax Mexican imports by 20% are enacted. What Trump didn’t mention is that the American people will pay for this import tax by paying more for products in stores. Read More  

7)     Appointment of People Who Advocated Cutting Social Security – Trump promised never to cut Social Security, however recently the Trump admin announced that Mick Mulvaney would be leading up the Office of Budget Management, which plays an active role in determining policy and budgets. While no decision has been made yet, it is clear from the people Trump is putting around him that entailment reform is on the table to be cut.  Read More

8)     Favoring Corporate Greed Over Animal Welfare – The Trump administration has ordered the USDA to remove information from their website pertaining to puppy mills, commercial dog breeders, horse trainers, and zoos which are known to abuse animals. Advocacy groups and animal rights organizations use the website to identify companies that have been out of compliance with law and regulation. The Trump administration has decided to provide cover to businesses which abuse animals in the name of protecting profits of businesses. Read More.

9)     Favoring Internet Companies Over Consumers – Net Neutrality was established to create an equal playing field between big corporations like Verizon, Dish, Direct TV and you – the average consumer. The rules provide protection to consumers by categorizing internet service as a common good and public utility. Much like water companies and electric companies, public utilities are identified as necessity of life services which the government feels a need to oversee in order to protect consumers from high prices and manipulation of services (think Enron). Trump and his newly appointed FCC Chairman are currently changing rules and rolling back those protections in order to provide internet companies more latitude and, of course, profits. Read More

10)     Trump Costing You More To Put Gas In Your Car – Whether you know it or not, the Trump administration is about to announce a decision which will impact the amount of money you pay to put gas in your vehicle. For years, the Obama administration has been negotiating with the auto industry to improve fuel efficiency standards in vehicles. An agreement was struck to increase standards from 35.5 miles per gallon to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. In the next few years, for consumers purchasing new cars, this change would have effectively cut their gas bills in half saving them thousands of dollars each year. Needless to say, oil companies and car manufactures (greedy corporations) didn’t like these changes because that would put less money in their pockets. But with the Trump administration cozying up to big business and big oil, and with the former CEO of ExxonMobil now running the State Department – there should be no surprise that Trump is favoring his big business friends over your pocketbook or wallet Read More.

11)    Trump’s War Will Cost You BIG! – It was only a few months ago that candidate Donald Trump accused the war in Iraq of driving up the countries debt. And he was right, after all, he did support the war before he was against it. The Iraqi war cost the American tax payer $2.4 Trillion. Wars are expensive – which is why Trump just announced that he will be increasing the defense budget by $54 Billion. This will be paid for by cutting services that people like you depend on whether you realize it or not. Recently, Trump ordered 400 additional troops into Syria, which marks the first step in Trump’s new war. So get ready, because this war will cost us BIG…watch and see – you can tell me I was right later 🙂  Read More.

12)    Increasing Your Student Loan Debt & Payments – For those of us currently paying back student loans, we know just how important the changes President Obama made to the system were for our ability to access affordable repayment plans, to have diversified repayment options, and to have capability to cancel debt over time. Unfortunately, the Trump administration is now in the process of dismantling all of that. In his recent budget proposal, Trump announced plans to end the public service loan forgiveness program, which would forgive the loan balance of anyone working in public service (none-profits, government, police, fire, etc.) after they have made 10 years of student loan payments in good standing. Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, recently announced a plan to create a student loan servicing monopoly where one company would be responsible for servicing student loan instead of students having the option to pick between nine different companies. Less competition means less benefits for consumers. This could result in more expensive loan repayment plans, the inability to cancel out debt, and less options for those individuals in default.  Read More.

13) Helping Big Banks & Wall Street Abuse Consumers – Big Wall Street banks have been screwing the middleclass in this country for years. Leading up to the economic collapse of 2008, Wall Street banks defrauded customers, fabricated portfolios and earnings, and conspired with rating agencies to manipulate the housing market for their own enrichment. Despite all that, no one was ever held legally or criminally responsible even though millions of Americans were adversely affected and the fact that their activity cost the American taxpayer trillions of dollars. Earlier this year Wells Fargo bank was caught red-handed creating unauthorized accounts for thousands of their customers, and yet again, no one was held legally responsible. In July of this year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau established a new rule which would allow consumers to join other victims of financial fraud and file class action lawsuits against big banks who violate the law. Banking lobbyist worked hard to defeat this rule and this week the Trump administration (Vice President) and Republicans in Congressed voted to strike down this rule and by doing so, sided with big banks and lobbyist against the working-class of this country.  Read More Here