Dems Should Focus On Voting, Not Impeachment: Why The Trump Impeachment Will Never Happen

I have some really bad news for all the Progressives, Independents and Democrats out there… Donald Trump will be President of the United States until 2020! That’s right, as hard as it is to say, despite the Muller investigation and despite the Stormy Daniels payoff, Trump will not be impeached and will likely remain in office until the 2020 election. Here’s why I believe this to be true.

The Republican party has shown time and time again that they are more than willing to sacrifice their convictions, their morals, and their traditional stance on policy issues in order to support and defend Donald Trump. From the hypocrisy of Christiane conservatives who turn a blind eye to Trump’s infidelities, to hawkish Republicans who once advocated for a tougher stance on Russia only to now have recanted those positions – Republicans have proven that they are unwilling to challenge Donald Trump on any critical issue. At the same time, these same Republicans have refused to hold this administration accountable.

For a Republican party which spent years investigating Hillary Clinton’s State Department over trivial issues related to whether the Benghazi attack happened as a reaction to a YouTube video or a planned terrorist attack, today’s Republican party seems to be less interested in investigating more serious matters such as Trump paying to silence people during the election or the Trump organization profiting from the Presidency.

In fact, the abuses, misconduct and ethics violations of this administration in the short 17 months they’ve been in office far outweigh the same abuses of any other contemporary administration. Yet, Republicans in Congress stand behind this corrupt administration and even go as far as providing cover for them.

In understanding this, what would make anyone think that Republicans are interested in holding this President and his administration accountable. As the Muller investigation concludes, it is becoming more and more apparent that Muller will possibly bring several conspiracy indictments against members of Trump’s inner circle. I also believe, from what has been reported, that there is sufficient evidence to bring charges against Trump for obstruction of justice. In a normal world, this would be sufficient evidence to support Congress issuing articles of impeachment. But as you may already know, we don’t live in a normal world anymore.

Even if Democrats take back the House and Senate in November, they would still need a majority of House members and two thirds of the Senate to vote for impeachment. This, no doubt, would require several Republicans in both the House and Senate to join Democrats in impeaching Donald Trump. This, my friends, will never happen. If there is anything that Republicans have proven over the years, its that they stick together and refuse to hold other members of their party accountable. With that said, I for one don’t believe that Trump will be impeached and further believe that Democrats cannot count on impeachment as a tool to get Trump out of office.

It would be a huge mistake for Democrats to bank on impeachment as a way of ending the Trump administration instead of focusing on the electoral process. The only way the Trump administration will come to an end is by citizens of this country exercising their constitutional right to vote! Democrats, in lieu of ginning up their base with the prospect of impeachment, should be focusing instead on voter outreach, developing strategic get out the vote (GOTV) operations, educating the base on policy issues and spreading the word about the destructive policies this administration has already enacted. Our focus should be on winning back Democrats who left the party to vote for Trump, mobilizing young voters to encourage higher turnout and reactivating voters who normally don’t participate in off-year elections. Only by focusing on the electoral process can Democrats truly be successful in 2018 and 2020. Like anything in life, there are no easy fixes to difficult problems. Only through hard work can we find victory – time to get started!