How Politics of Division Benefit The Wealthy Elites

Recently, Donald Trump was criticized for yet again retweeting racist propaganda from a far-right white nationalist group known as Britain First. Trump tweeted three posts which showed Muslims committing acts of violence against British citizens. The only problem was, aside from the posts being constructed by a racist organization, two of the posts were proven to be outdated, misleading and fake. This was not the first time Trump tweeted out racist propaganda designed to mislead people. During the 2016 Presidential campaign, Trump was criticized by several civil rights groups for retweeting white nationalist propaganda about black on black crime in America. The post was misleading and included erroneous police data. While many people, based on his actions, believe that Donald Trump has an acute distain for a number of minority groups in this country, I personally believe that his hatred is a symptom of a larger global strategy designed by the power elite to maintain their power, domination and control over the rest of us. This may sound conspiratorial to some, however, the facts support this hypothesis.

For years, politics of division have been used by those in power to divide particular groups and separate the electorate in order to diminish their political power. The singular objective of those using division as a political strategy is to control economics. Think about it, economics controls everything in one’s life. It determines your health, your education, your status in society, your employment, your relationships with others and so much more. In fact, the World Health Organization, through their work on Social Determinates of Health, suggest that economics has a major impact on almost every area of life. Therefore, one could reasonably conclude that economics is the most important political issue of any generation.

Once you understand (like the power elites do) that economics is the most important political issue, the next step is figuring out how to maintain power over that particular political issue. And the power elites have figured out a great way of maintaining their economic power – by dividing and conquering the electorate! One thing that white people living in rural America and black people living in urban America have in common is poverty. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, while rural areas outpace urban poverty rates, both geographies have far more poorer populations than suburban areas. What the power elites figured out long ago was that, in order to maintain their economic power, they had to find a way to divide poor people. After all, the economic power of the elites would be threatened if one day all the poor people in rural and urban America decided to unite and reclaim a larger portion of the American economic pie for themselves. However, the power elites in this country would never allow that – and race relations became a great tool to prevent that from ever happening.

So, throughout the years the Republican party has found creative ways to protect the wealth of the elite in this country. They introduced the “Southern Strategy” in the 1970’s which succeeded in pitting blacks against whites throughout the south and even in northern state by introducing “wedge issues”. Wedge issues are issues which, on their own, are not overly important, but the issue itself is divisive and creates friction between groups. Examples would be abortion, same sex marriage, affirmative action programs, crime and safety, etc. Currently, in Alabama, the citizens of that state are about to elect a suspected pedophile to the U.S. Senate based on one issue alone, which is abortion. If the voters of Alabama were to vote based on which party offered them a better economic policy, Roy Moore wouldn’t have a chance. You can also look at the use of the MS13 gang in recent political campaigns. While any violent gang is a problem in society, the MS13 hysteria that we’ve seen recently is totally out of proportion to the crimes the gang commits.

And the same could be said about other wedge issues used by Republicans and Donald Trump these days. From the NFL saga to building the wall, all of these issues are designed to do one thing – to divide people based on race and create non-economic issues which will motivate people to vote. The goal of the elites is to keep voters on the hamster wheel, voting for issues other than economic issues. I don’t believe it was coincidental that soon after the economic collapse of 2008, with the advent of the occupy Wall Street movement, suddenly you began to see far-right racist groups popping up across the world. Britain First in England, Golden Dawn in Greece, National Front in France, and Neo Nazis here in America are just a few examples of the hate which has been gaining steam throughout the world. 5898a3fa280000220099715bThe problem, however, is not so much with the groups themselves – it’s with the political leaders and operatives like Milo Yiannopoulos who are being paid by billionaire elites like the Mercer family to travel the world and promote bigotry and hate. robert-mercer_416x416For several years, the attention of the world’s population was focused squarely on economic issues and wealth inequality. Today, we find ourselves on the precipice of once again giving hundreds of billions of dollars to wealthy individuals while the issues our President continues to focus our attention on are divisive and non-economic. So, when I hear that Donald Trump is retweeting racist propaganda, I’m not surprised because I’ve become hip to their game of politics of division!