The Unhinged President

Yesterday afternoon Donald Trump held one of his first press conference as President of the United States, and in case you were wondering, it was a complete disaster. It was truly painful to watch a grown man crying for over an hour like a petulant child about how unfair the media is or how people are being mean to him. We all know Donald Trump is a little different and at times goes his own way, but this was uniquely bizarre and had many people questioning his stability. I think most reasonable people watching would agree that this is not the type of behavior you expect to see from the President of the United States, or for that matter, a grown and mentally mature adult.

This press conference was classic Donald Trump. Instead of answering questions which were important to the country and providing sound rebuttals to anything he disagreed with, Trump instead decided to attack the media and blame others for his mistakes. In fact, Trump yet again brushed off legitimate questions regarding his connections to Russia and the instability of his administration, dismissing these inquiries as being made-up and or fake. But if you have paid attention to Trump over the years, you should be able to pick up on the patterns by now. Trump has a way of constantly deflecting blame and never taking responsibility for his actions.

Think about this…

Only one of two things can be possible here.

1)     Trump is the most persecuted person on the face of the earth who is constantly under attack by people conspiring to make him look bad. This conspiracy would include all of the media (except Fox News…he likes them because, as he says, “they treat me good”), random women, federal judges, intelligence officials and elected officials.


2)      Donald Trump is a master manipulator with a narcissistic personality who refuses to EVER take responsibility for anything he does and constantly blames other people for his corrupt and misguided behavior.

Sexual Assault: Trump blames victims – When numerous victims of Donald Trump’s sexual assault came forward to tell their story Trump and his team discredited these victims and called them liars. He claimed that he would provide proof that their stories were fabricated, which he actually never did. Instead of taking responsibility, Trump yet again blames others for his actions (Watch Here).

Trump University Case: Trump blames judge – When victims of Trump’s fraudulent Trump University brought lawsuits against his company for purposefully misleading them and making false claims about the benefits of the school, a federal judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs in a legal decision impacting the case. Trump responded by blaming the judge and claiming the judge treated him “unfairly” because the judge happened to be of Mexican heritage. Instead of taking responsibility for his crappy school and apologizing to people who were scammed, Trump instead decided to attack a judge (Watch Here).

Muslim Ban Executive Order: Trump blames judge  – After Trump rushed through a carelessly crafted executive order which many legal scholars viewed as begin unconstitutional, a federal judge issued a stay to stop the executive order until the courts could properly review and litigate complaints filed against the order. The Trump team has since announced that they will be rewriting the executive order, which essentially acknowledges that they screwed it up the first time. Instead of Trump taking responsibility for crafting a bad executive order, he decides to attack the judiciary branch of government, claim he was treated unfairly, and demean a judge by referring to him as a “so called judge” (Watch Here)

Firing of Michael Flynn: Trump blames media – Last week Donald Trump accepted the resignation of his national security adviser – which is just a nice way of saying he was fired. Flynn was fired for having a conversation with the Russians before Trump took office to reassure the Russians that Trump would drop sanctions against the country once he got into office. Flynn side this topic was never discussed with Russia; however, this was later discovered to be a lie. Days later the intelligence community released information from an FBI investigation showing that members of the Trump campaign were in continuous contact with Russian intelligence officials throughout the campaign during the time Russian hackers were hacking the DNC and Clinton campaign staff emails. Instead of taking responsibility for the fact that his team obviously had contact with Russians, Trump instead deflected by blaming the media for reporting fake news. Which I find funny…the man who was elected because of fake news is now accusing the media of reporting fake news (Watch Here).

And those are just a few items…there are so many more. But the point remains that Donald Trump has a real problem taking responsibility for anything. I cannot recall a single moment when Trump has admitted a mistake or has apologized for his actions. This, in my opinion, represents a deeper issue with Trump where, for some reason, he lacks the capacity to be humble, honest, or to hold himself accountable. And that is the scary part – having a President in office who refuses to be held accountable and who, when confronted with information implicating wrong doing on his part, decides it is easier to blatantly lie and cast aspersions on those people attempting to hold him accountable. This, my friends, is how dictatorships start! You don’t question authority, you don’t think for yourself, and you get fed lies and propaganda until one day you finally give up and submit to those in power. We are currently on a slippery slope heading in that direction, and if we are not vigilant and willing to defend truth, the country we currently live in will be radically changed forever.


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