Power Over Country: Republicans Refuse To Investigate Trump

Today the country we all know and love finds itself in great parallel. The very soul of our nation is at risk of being severally damaged or at worst irreparably changed forever. These are unprecedented times we are living in with events surfacing which we have never had to contend with in the past. So unfortunately, there is no road map to guide us out of this debacle. For the first time in the history of this country a sitting National Security Adviser to the president has been forced to resign due to having an inappropriate and illegal conversations with a sworn enemy of our country… and lying about it. In the late hours of yesterday evening, General Michael Flynn announced that he would be stepping down as Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser due to an illegal conversation he had with the Russian ambassador about the possible lifting of sanctions against Russia. But before we get too far into this story let’s discuss how this all came about in the first place.

If you recall, during the presidential election, the Russian government significantly interfered with a U.S. Presidential election by developing and spreading fake news stories, hacking the Democratic National Committee, and hacking Clinton campaign staff emails – all of which I might again add is completely unprecedented and has never before taken place. While Donald Trump persistently attempted to protect and cover up Russian activities, seven different U.S. intelligence services reported that Russia did in fact strategically and purposefully interfere with our presidential election in order to elect Donald Trump as President.

Once the presidential election had concluded, and the intelligence community produced their independent report and findings, President Obama, who at the time was still in office, ordered a new round of U.S. sanctions against Russia as punishment for their interference with an American election. After our intelligence community reported their findings, and sanctions had been placed on Russia, Trump’s (at that time soon to be) National Security Adviser calls the Russian ambassador and reassures him that sanctions would be lifted after Trump enters office…. Almost like he was saying, we know you helped us get elected, we know you got punished for it, but when Trump gets sworn in we will take you off punishment. Again, something which is totally unprecedented.

So, with that said, if you are a common sense retaining individual with an IQ score higher than your shoe size, you should be able to clearly see that something doesn’t look right here. On top of this, investigations are still pending into the relationship the Trump team had with Russia during the campaign. I’ll never forget Donald Trump standing on stage during the election and asking a foreign nation (Russia) to hack the email of his political opponent, Hillary Clinton. And what do you know, weeks later the hacking begins (watch it here).

With all that known, and with seven different intelligence services corroborating the fact that Russia interfered with our presidential election, the Republicans in Congress are still refusing to launch a real investigation. In fact, today House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, (R-Calif.) requested an investigation, not into the Trump Russian connection, or the illegal Michael Flynn conversation with Russia, but into how the information was leaked to the public. That’s right, instead of figuring out how our country may have been compromised, Rep. Devin just wants to know who leaked Trump’s dirty little secret. This is surprising especially knowing that Republicans spent years investigating less serious matters.

Remember, we just had a two-year long investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails which produces nothing at all. But here we are with a sworn enemy of our country interfering with an American election, suspicious phone calls between Trump advisers and the Russians, and seven intelligence agencies reporting that something deceptive took place, and we still cannot get Republicans to do their jobs and investigate. At this point party affiliation shouldn’t matter. Both Republicans and Democrats should be seeking answers to what truly happened here. Is the winning of an election so important to the Republicans that they would put their own political advancement over the security of the country. Are they so consumed with power that they would allow a foreign nation to interfere with an American election and do nothing about it? Folks we are beyond the looking glass here…we have breached a new paradigm in American politics. If this miscarriage of justice is allowed to persist I fear for what the future holds for our democracy. Only time will tell.


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