With Historically Low Approval, Trump Has No Mandate

I truly hesitated writing this post for fear of sounding conspiratorial or at worst, like a sore loser. However, I really feel like this is something that needs to be discussed, examined and critiqued. There are few things that haven’t been sitting well with me regarding our recent presidential election and I get the impression a lot of people are feeling the same.

The problem for me is simple….something is just not adding up regarding the support that Trump and his team claim to have with the American public. Aside from Clinton winning the popular vote by a margin of 65 million vote as compared to Trump’s 62 million, there are still a few other antidotal indicators which aren’t sitting well with me.

For instance, CNN/ORC has just released a new poll showing Donald Trump with the worst ever approval rating of any newly elected president in the history of polling. Trump has a dismal 44% approval rating and a 53% disapproval rating. For a candidate who just won the presidency numbers like these are unheard of. Saying that, the lackluster support reflected in these polls for Trump seem to correspond with the level of discontent expressed through the protests which swept the country shortly after the Trump inauguration.

These protest were estimated to attract more than 3 million people nationwide according to The Hill. Now, again, generally speaking, protests don’t tell you much. But when you have nationwide protests on the scale to which we witnessed a few weeks ago…there is something to be said for that. Conversely, while Trump was able to attract a respectable crowd to his inauguration (I’m being charitable here), his crowd paled in comparison to other similar events for both Republican and Democratic candidates.

I also cannot stop thinking about the University of Michigan professors, J. Alex Halderman, who shortly after the election, discussed statistical abnormalities in the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. While Halderman confirmed that he did not believe that foreign government hacking was to blame for the abnormalities, he did stand by the concern he expressed about the statistical anomalies which surfaced and continued to support efforts to further study the situation.

Now with all that said, it’s clear that there is no definitive evidence to prove that anything devious took place connected to the tallying of election results. However, I think there is certainly enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that something out of the ordinary may have occurred during this election. Whether that is attributed to human manipulation or just the fact that fake news and lies were enough to persuade confused and uneducated voters – I don’t think anyone can say for sure. What is known for sure is that this administration did not receive a mandate from the majority of the American public to institute their radical far-reaching policies, and as we move forward into this new term, President Trump would be served well to keep that in mind.



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