Religion & Spirituality: How The Religious Right Sacrificed Their Morals in Support of Trump

For years I have been listening to Republican Christians preach to me about moral living, honesty, protecting life, respecting my fellow man/woman and engaging in ethical behavior. While I did not always agree with them on the issues, I always respected their commitment to the promotion of moral standards. But slowly over the years they have been losing my support. After all, Psalm 82:4 directs us to, “do justice to the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the afflicted and needy”. I never saw Republican policy lining up with the word of God. Cutting social programs, early education, school breakfast and free lunch while giving tax breaks to wealthy people never really seemed to be the work of the Lord!

 But I have to say, the support love and affection that the religious right has shown Donald Trump over the past year has absolutely convinced me that these people, who refer to themselves as the religious right, are nothing more than religious hypocrites!

 Matthew 7:5 – “you hypocrites, first get the beam of timber out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the tiny particle out of your brother’s eye”

 I do not think any of us can, with a straight face, say that every single one of Trump’s female accusers were lying about his sexual assault on them. There has got to be roughly upward of ten or more women claiming that Donald Trump abused them. Never mind the fact that he was caught on video saying he grabs women in unholy ways. But aside from his sexual perversions, it has been statistically proven that Trump lies more than any other Presidential figure in recent memory.

 Leviticus 19:11 – “you shall not steal, or deal falsely, or lie one to another”

Like his sexual assault victims, Trump also has left a trail of devastation in his business dealings as well. Numerous business associates of Trump have accused him of cheating, lying, and manipulating circumstances to his own benefit. The independent Politifact Scorecard rates Trump as follows in the area of honesty: 17% of his statements are blatantly false or pants on fire rating. 33% of his statements are flatly false and 19% of his statements are mostly false. That accounts for 249 statements which were rated as not being true. On top of that we could discuss his mocking of a disabled persons, his retweeting of racist propaganda from a white nationalist group, and his attacking minorities from Mexicans to Muslims, but that’s all just icing on the cake.

With all that said, and with all that known, so called religious conservatives voted for Donald Trump in large numbers; 80% of white evangelical Christians voted for Trump along with 52% of Catholics. As a fellow Christian this honestly sickens me. It is plain to see that only one thing could have produced these results – religious conservatives are hypocrites who put politics over God!!

So a message to Christian conservitives….no more preaching to me, okay. You no longer have moral standing in my eyes and probably in the eyes of God.           


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